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We use our high-tech engineering for your mobile application to provide your business with the most modern software.

Our unique service has no analogues in the world. Everyone will enjoy being your client!

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Our features

  • <b>Coupons and discounts:</b>
The application has a function, which allows clients to collect special marks, displaying the number of visits or an accumulated amount of money spent at the restaurant. The achievement of a certain level will give a client a possibility to receive some bonuses
  • <b>Booking of table:</b> The application allows the customer of the restaurant to book a table at the restaurant at any time using his mobile device. The particular table for a particular time can be chosen.
  • <b>Photos of your restaurant:</b> The exterior and interior photos of your restaurant will be used as a background to make your application unique.
  • <b>Attraction of new customers:</b> The users of the application can promote your establishment, sharing information about it with their friends through social networks, or recommending their friends to download the application and visit your restaurant. In return, they receive bonuses and chips, which can be later changed into a pleasant gift - such as a cocktail.
  • <b>Menu of your restaurant inside the app:</b> The application includes the actual menu of the restaurant so the client may choose the dishes beforehand and make a preliminary order. This feature will prevent the time waste at the restaurant and substantially optimize the work of the staff.
  • <b>Location of your restaurants:</b> You have a chain of restaurants? It's no problem for us! The application will show your client the nearest restaurant of yours.
  • <b>Food delivery option:</b> The option of delivery or pickup of dishes (if the restaurant offers it) is included in the application.
  • <b>Push-notifications:</b> The application can send Push-notifications to the user containing the information about special offers, promotions, new dishes, events and activities of the restaurant.
  • <b>Payment system inside the app:</b> The client has an option of payment for his order through the application with the use of his credit card both at the restaurant and in case of a preliminary order. This option will save his time and the time of the restaurant staff, as the client won’t need to wait for the bill (the details of his order are pushed to his device) and for the change.
  • <b>Your events and happy-hours:</b> The information about all the events of your restaurants will be sent to your guests via Push.

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